Leadbelly to BRGRBELLY

Dear Loyal Customers,

Here is the short of it: Leadbelly Burgers got sued for the use of the trademarked name “Leadbelly” by the House of Leadbelly Estate in Tennessee. While we were simply trying to honor the musician and the musicians he influenced, we did not have a national trademark on the use of the name.

So……after a long year of lawyers, discussions, time, stress, and money, we are now forced to change the name altogether.

As of August 17, 2015, we will be moving forward as:


and that will be the only change we make!

  • Same meat ground fresh daily.
  • Same bread made from scratch.
  • Same butter cookie.
  • Same owners.

We truly thank you for your patronage and understanding in this matter.

Nicole and Steve O’Brien